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诺比TAWARE GAURAV KRISHNA国籍Nationality: 印度 INDIAN班级:2018临床医学 2018Clinical medicine 实习医院Internship hospital:浙江省新华医院 The Xin Hua Hospital of Zhejiang Province学习体会Experience of studySince I’ve started my journey here it’s been very interesting. Everyday comes with an another challenges which makes it even more challenging . On our first day of internship Mr Chu laoshi and Mr Sandy laoshi took us to the hospital which gave us tremendous motivation.When I got to meet the doctors in every department they all were very compassionate about their work . And are willing to teach the international students even against the language barrier . I had noticed something in Gastroenterology department that outside the department office there was a one White board . And it had written general English phrases that we use is a daily conversation with patients along with its translation in Chinese . So not only International students are adapting to the hospital,Hospitals also are trying to adapt with International students and their methods(I will attach the picture below ). Along with studies doctors they taught us how to live as two identities one as a doctor and one as a family man .Doctors are in constant pursuit of making others life easy but at the same time they have to look out for themselves too.Doctors from Rheumatology they told us to share a knowledge about a Disease information from India. So I had created a ppt presentation for them and even they had prepared an another disease information for us .so that we could have information exchange.After that they had arranged a nice meal for us all .It was very warming. Till now it has been great and I am looking forward to get more experience .在我们开始毕业实习的第一天,褚老师和Sandy老师带我们去医院,这给了我们巨大的动力。在新华医院的每一天都有挑战性。我们见到每个医生都对自己的工作有热情,而且愿意克服语言障碍来教国际学生。我注意到在消化内科办公室外面有一个白板。上面写了通用的汉英短语用以帮助与患者的日常对话。所以不仅是留学生在适应医院,医院也在努力适应留学生(下面附上图片)。带教医生教我们如何以平衡工作和生活:在追求减轻病患痛苦的同时,也必须照顾好自己。风湿科的医生让我们分享一种疾病在印度的相关信息,我们做完汇报后,他们也做了分享,他们还为我们安排了一顿丰盛的饭菜。这样的交流让我们感到非常充实和温暖,我期待着获得更多这样的经验。对低年级学生的建议Advice for junior students: To become a doctor you must have tremendous patience and sweet language even if the situations are at the worst . I had cleared my Indian Licensing Exam in my very first attempt and what I have studied I could make use of it in every single aspect during this internship. So would say that it is not only books that will help us but the clinical knowledge is even more important for us to become doctors . You must co relate of what you have studied in according to apply your knowledge effectively. And that’s how you practice medicine and you get better at it by experience . As For internship just have that curious mind so that you ask more questions related situations or patients ,about how you tackle them . In the end I assure you that all the efforts and patience will deliberately fall in one place in order to make you a worthiest doctor . 要成为一名医生,你必须拥有极大的耐心和高超的沟通技巧,即便在最糟糕的情况下也是如此。我第一次尝试就通过了印度的医生执照考试,通过实习我可以把所学的知识付诸实践。理论和实践的紧密联系、不断地积累经验、保持好奇心、善于提问,所有的努力都会帮助你成为一名成功的医生。实习照片pictures  of the most memorable moments
【医学生的故事01】李良Rathod Shivam
李良 RATHOD SHIVAM 国籍Nationality: 印度 INDIAN班级Class:2019临床医学春2019Clinical medicine spring实习医院Internship hospital:浙江省中医院 Zhejiang Provincial Hospital of Chinese Medicine学习体会Experience of studyIt was really new experience and laoshi helped me a lot with understanding things , I saw a lot of surgeries , surgeries in this department is longer than other departments I've been so far , I got to see many new techniques and I feel like I observed a lot during all this long surgeries , it takes a lot of will to become a surgeon and I can see dedication in all our doctors / teachers in both doing the operation , treating patients , teaching us. It is really amazing how they are so busy still they find time to teach us so many valuable lessons. Theory and practical both are very different in medical field but both has it's own part and I think I'm in good hands for the practical part !这真的是全新的体验,带教老师帮助我理解了很多事情,我看了很多手术,看到了很多新技术。治疗病人,带教学生......成为一名外科医生需要很强的意志,这正是我在所有的医生身上看到的奉献精神。令人惊讶的是,他们如此忙碌,仍然有时间教给我们这么多宝贵的知识!医学的理论和实践各有侧重点,我在实践部分也学到了!接下来的学习计划The following study plan So usually we have Ward rounds as I'm in surgery department , Laoshi usually talks with patients and then explain us about the current situation and condition of patient , so I try to note the topics that I feel Like I need to revise or I need to read more about it and then we have the surgery part where laoshi tells us a day before and I have a look about procedures before hand and try to observe as much as I can during surgery to relate it. 在外科病房查房时,我的老师会和病人交谈,然后向我们解释病人的现状和状况。我试着记下我觉得我需要复习的部分、有些需要我去要阅读更多的文献。手术前老师提前一天告诉我们,我会看一下手术程序,然后在手术过程中尽可能多地观察以将理论和实际联系起来。 对低年级学生的建议Advice for junior students About the internship I would say everything depends on you. Hospital and teachers also plays an important role and I'm happy enough with my current hospital and teachers. Medical field is all about study and revision because we have to be updated all the time. Try your best to revise as much as you can . Also practical plays important role in this line of work so try to observe as much as you can in hospitals , try to find it in your books or online if you don't understand anything and laoshi's are always there if you need any help. 关于毕业实习,我会说一切都取决于你(的态度)。医院和老师也扮演着重要的角色,我对现在的医院和老师感到非常满意。医学就是不断地学习和复习,因此我们必须保持不断学习的状态。实践也起着重要作用,所以尽量多地观察。如果你有什么不懂的,试着在你的书本或网上找到答案,如果你需要任何帮助,老师总是在那里。 实习照片pictures  of the most memorable moments
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Urs Schelbert(大熊)
Urs Schelbert(大熊),瑞 士 籍。2009 年 获 得 苏 黎 世 Tao Chi School中医学学士学位,2014年获浙江中医药大学针灸推拿学硕士学位,导师为陈华德。拥有TCM Fachverband (SBO-TCM)、ASCA Swiss Foundation for Complementary Medicine、NVS Naturopaths Association of Switzerland、EGK Eidg. Health Fund等多家协会成员资格。在瑞士布鲁嫰创办9 Palaces TCM(九宫中医)诊所,从事针灸推拿临床工作。  
Ervina Wu(吴贞颖)
Ervina Wu(吴贞颖),新加坡籍。1996 年获得University of San Francisco大众传媒学士学位,并完成医学预科课程;2011年获得美洲中医学院中医学硕士学位;2015年获得浙江中医药大学中医临床基础博 士学位,师从温成平教授。创立YINA.CO品牌,研发中医药护肤产品。 
Greg Livingston
Greg Livingston,美国籍。本科就读于University of California, Santa Cruz生物学专业;1997年获得美国加州Five Branches Institute中医学硕士学位;2009年获得浙江中医药大学中医临床基础博士学位。在加利福尼亚、纽约和中国均拥有注册医师证;2009年至2012年在上海东方国际医疗中心任中医师;2012至2019年在Oregon College of Oriental Medicine任全职教师;2019年至今在National University of Natural Medicine任兼职教师;2013年创办Greg Livingston LLC中医诊所,并在新冠肺炎疫情期间为持续为病人提供在线诊疗服务。