• Registration & Payment

  • 1. The registration date is around September 18.

    2. Original of Admission Notice and JW202 form

    3. Collect your welcome pack, and registration checklist.

    4. The registration check list is important to ensure a proper and complete registration process. Fill in the registration form and record of academic status.

    5. 5 passport photos (with your name on the back of each photo)

    6. Photo page and VISA page of your passport (1 copy in A4 size)

    7. Pay tuition fee and insurance fee.

    • Health check-up

     Do the check-up at Zhejiang Provincial Hospital of Chinese . You need to bring your passport, 3 passport-size photos (white background) and the cost is 390RMB. You should be empty-stomach.

    • Apply for Visa and Residence Permit

    Please refer to the followings for more detail about police registration and residence permit application

    First time applying Residence Permit

    1You are requested to apply for the residence permit by yourself for the first time at Hangzhou Public Security Bureau.

    2Documents for first time application

    1)      JW202 Form, yellow page

    2)      Copy of Admission Notice (stamp)

    3)      Official letter from International Education College

    4)      Passport & Copy of the first page and visa page

    5)      Copy of Physical Examination Report

    6)      2 passport photos

    7)      Registration of Temporary Residenceoffered by Wenyuan Dormitory or local police station

    8)      Visa and Residence Permit Application Form

    3Get Passport back according to the date marked on the receipt and pay the fee 400RMB. Normally it needs 15 work days.

    Extend the residence permit

    Generally, International Education College will offer one-year-duration residence permit for degree students. Students should apply for the next year’s residence permit one month before the expiration date.


    A. Zhejiang Provincial Hospital of Chinese Address: No.54, Youdian Road

    B. Public Security Bureau Address: No.35, Hua Guang Road, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou

    Tel: Visa department: 87071973;

    Foreign affairs management department: 87280543

    • Arrange insurance

    We’ll help international students to arrange a group insurance together (800RMB/year).

    Refer to Medical Care for more detail.

    • Communication

    a.  China Mobile business hall    

    the first floor of building 14

    b.  China Unicom business hall          

    building 5 of Li ye yuan

    c.  China's telecommunications business hall    

    building 2 of Li ye yuan