Vukan Tim

Vukan Tim (吴狄赫), German, graduated in 2011 with bachelor degree, and at present studying in our university for master degree of Chinese Medicine. The Founder of Wushan TCM-Chinese medical practitioner.

At the moment you can find me hard working for my master degree graduation, busy preparing lots of documents and finalizing my thesis which comes from the field of Chinese medicine psychology. In 2008 I founded Wushan TCM-Chinese medical network, which is located in Hangzhou (China). Wushan TCM is “building a bridge between the west and east” and offers Chinese medicine online lectures, Chinese medical tours and translation work to connect Chinese medical students and practitioners. During my study time at Zhejiang Chinese Medical University I took part in different Martial Arts performances and gave Interviews about various fields of Chinese Medicine and health prevention methods such as Qi Gong and Taiji. I am going on preparing my Chinese medical license, also to have the future opportunity to work locally here in China.

Reflections to Alma Mater:Beginning with the first steps of my Chinese medical language study at the Zhejiang Chinese medical university, I followed a very deep and comprehensive five year full time study completing my bachelor’s degree by attending classes which were all taught in Chinese. Up to now I am looking back on my nine years professional Chinese medicine education which I received from authentic and competent teachers and medical doctors, all teaching with a great amount of patients and clinical experience. During this time I was chosen to receive Chinese scholarships from our university and took part in the national Chinese medicine license test. As a foreigner living and studying in Hangzhou for this long time, I went through lots of difficulties by facing a different culture and tradition which now became my new home and place to work. If you are looking for a Chinese medical university teaching you high education about classical Chinese medicine and many other related subjects, Zhejiang Chinese Medical University is the right choice!

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