Chinese and foreign teachers and students discuss the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics

On the evening of February 20, the closing ceremony of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games was held at the National Stadium as scheduled. Chinese President Xi Jinping and International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach attended the closing ceremony.The closing ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games takes "The story of a snowflake" as the clue to tell the theme of "One world, 0ne family", which reflects the concept of "Faster, Higher, Stronger --Together" of the Olympic Games.The global situation of COVID-19 still being ravaged, the organizers of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games implemented strict closed loop management and other epidemic prevention measures, which provided warm reception for athletes all over the world and set up a stage for athletes to show themselves. During the Winter Olympicsathletes from different countries spoke highly of the venue facilitiesWinter Olympic Village and closed loop management. IEC organized more than 20 representatives of Chinese and foreign teachers and students to watch the live broadcast of the closing ceremony.


Watching the stunning closing ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Olympics brought me feelings of excitement. Excitement because it proves that in spite of the strictest coronavirus restrictions,large scale activities like this can be done. The themes of sportsmanship and camaraderie were shown by the athletes. I specially liked the part where excited athletes appearing no less excited than they did during the opening ceremony paraded one last time proudly waving their nation's flags... The scene reminded me of the flags displayed by IEC at Building 12. Congratulations to the organizers of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics for a job well done!



意大利籍留学生吴婕WU JIE

晚上和老师同学一起看冬奥会闭幕式,得知2026年冬奥会将在意大利米兰举办的消息后,我非常非常激动,北京冬奥会闭幕式意大利的节目表演“双人之舞”,融入了很多高科技的元素,也承载了米兰和科尔蒂纳的双城之魂,米兰世界时尚艺术中心,科尔蒂纳欧洲冰雪运动爱好者的旅游胜地,希望那个时候疫情结束,全世界都恢复正常的生活,这样就有机会回去看比赛了。希望2026年意大利冬奥会能给世界带来更多不同的惊喜,欢迎大家来米兰!Benvenuti a Milano! Benvenuti in Italia!

摩洛哥籍留学生陈依琳MOKNI ILHAM

Watching the ending ceremony of the Beijing Olympic games and celebrating the achievements of each country had a special taste in IEC. Gathering students along with teachers to enjoy those moments and discuss interesting details that caught each and everyone’s eyes was a big pleasure. We were all impressed by how China celebrated the success of other champions from other countries reflecting the world union and the strength of its bonds all over the planet. The colors of different flags and the teams from different places with their anthems added a magnificent look to the stadium in Beijing and reflected how much respect China has for the participants as the organizing country. I was very entertained by the atmosphere of laughter and joy as well as sharing delicious snacks with the other schoolmates  i haven’t seen during the holiday. This initiative was a good opportunity to meet up again and have fun.



From this year's Winter Olympics, we have also seen from the athletes that they concentrate on love, challenge themselves, train hard, and try bravely. Just like the talented girl Gu Ailing, she has been striving to convey positive spirit, optimism, courage to challenge to the world.

With the end of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the Hangzhou Asian Games is about to usher in the 200-day countdown. The atmosphere of the Asian Games in Hangzhou is becoming more and more intense. The emblem, slogan and mascot of the Asian Games can be seen in every corner of Hangzhou, people's mood of looking forward to the Asian Games is becoming stronger and stronger. Looking forward to the successful holding of the Asian Games like the Winter Olympics.

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