Recruitment for International Student Enrollment Ambassador

In order to promote the development of international education in our school, further promote the brand name of "Study@ZCMU", showcase the spirit of our university's international students, and attract more outstanding overseas students to come to the university for further studies, We decided to launch the recruitment for 2022"International Student Enrollment Ambassador".

Application Requirements

1.Enrolled ZCMU international students and alumni.
2.A good knowledge of the university's situations and care about school's development.

3.Having excellent performance during the study period, strong sense of responsibility, and certain organizational and publicity skills and expression skills.
4.Ability of video shooting and editing and ability of promotion on social media platforms.

Main Content

1.To share our school’s latest information and policies about international student admissions.

2.To show the good reputation and image of current international students.
3.To share the experience studying in China and Zhejiang Chinese Medical University.
4.Contact the local schools and institutions in your country to expand the source of students.

Activity Ways
1.Individuals or teams can contact local high schools, universities and other educational institutions in your country for enrollment promotion, or independently carry out recruitment publicity sessions without affecting the normal work of educational institutions (the college will provide some publicity materials). The activity time is generally more than 30 minutes.

2.To shoot short promotional videos and upload to the social media platforms.

3. Other innovative online/offline promotion methods. Due to the pandemic, students are encouraged to focus on online promotion.

Activity process

1. Registration: for individuals or teams, please fill in the online questionnaire for online registration, and attach the video to introduce the publicity plan (within 2 minutes, within 500M). The address is , or scan the QR code below. Registration deadline: February 20, 2022 (please fill in the team leader's personal information for team registration).

2.Interview: IEC will conduct a preliminary review of the students application material. The qualified students can be awarded the title of "ZCMU International Students Ambassador", and can promote and publicize on behalf of ZCMU.
3.Training: IEC will conduct online training for students, provide some publicity materials and publicity guidance.
4.Activities: Individuals or teams conduct school publicity activities and record them in the form of pictures, videos, texts and so on.

Activity time

Event time: the whole year

Evaluation time: the specific evaluation time will be notified later. It will be evaluated once every semester.

Registration deadline

February 20, 2022

Assessment and Rewards

1. The team needs to submit the summary report in spring and autumn to present the progress of the project.

2. The team will report the project result. IEC will evaluate and select the first, second, and third prizes according to the expansion of student resources, methods of promotion, and the project result. The specific assessment time will be notified later. The teams who performed particularly well will also receive the following rewards

1st Prize: 2000 RMB

2nd Prize: 1000 RMB

3rd Prize: 500 RMB

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