2017 clinical medicine practice report sharing exchange meeting

On November 23rd, IEC  held the "2017 clinical medicine practice report sharing exchange meeting" in classroom 17-311 of Binwen campus ". Liu Xin laoshi from the teaching department of the second clinical Medical College and director Lv Xi from the Office of the fourth clinical medical college was invited to attend the meeting. Dr. THEMBA HOSPITAL, senior manager of the internship project of the "DHLODHLO" HOSPITAL in South Africa, attended the meeting online.  More than 100 international students from four classes of clinical medicine 2017 and 2018, 2019 (spring) and 2020 (autumn) join the meeting both online and offline.

At the beginning of the meeting, vice WAN Duo first reported the main work of IEC in 2021. She summarized the work  with four new, namely new faculty,new document,new program and new course. After that, Xinhua Hospital and the first municipal hospital respectively introduced the basic situation of the hospital, saying that the development of the hospital cannot be separated from international education, and international students are welcome to choose their hospital for internship.

Dr. DHLODHLO from THEMBA HOSPITAL the senior manger of the internship program in South Africa's  was invited to attend the sharing meeting online. THEMBA HOSPITAL is a Regional General HOSPITAL with 348 beds and 1100 staff. Dr.DHLODHLO introduced the basic situation of the hospital and welcoming IEC students for future internship. She  said her hospital  was also willing to carry out other cooperation such as medical staff exchanges.

Four international students of 2017 grade gave mid-term reports on graduation practice. Ali from Pakistan and Neema from Tanzania respectively described the half-year study  in Xinhua Hospital and the first Municipal Hospital. Ali overcame the initial tension and anxiety and quickly integrated into the team. He expressed his gratitude to the thoughtful arrangement of the second Lin teaching department and thought that he had made a correct choice to stay in China for internship, as he did learn a lot from Chinese doctors. Neema thinks that doctors' language skills, empathy for patients are as important as medical skills. She introduced some excellent doctors  in each department, saying she would take them as an example and study hard to care for patients. Vanessa, who practiced in Tanzania Muhimbili National Hospital and Marcia, who practiced in South Africa's THEMBA Hospital shared online their mid-term internship report with clinical case study.

Junior students offline and online are eager to know the internship gains and difficulties encountered by senior schoolmates. As soon as the meeting was over, they came to  ask about the contact information of the senior students and the hospital. They appreciated IEC effort to organize such meeting because not only they got to know the basic information of the hospital , but also they could make plans in advance in study and intership.

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