Cupping| Auricular acupoint stickers| Traditional Chinese medicine culture into Zhejiang Business College

On the afternoon of November 17th,  international students’ representatives from the International Education College of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University were invited to participate in the opening ceremony of the 14th International Cultural Festival held by Zhejiang Business College. The activity included three parts: Chinese cultural exhibition experience, "Belt and Road Initiative" cultural exhibition experience, and East Asian cultural exhibition experience.

After receiving the invitation, student representatives designed on-site experience projects carefully and used their spare time to practice actively. With the joint efforts of the students, at the event site, the foreign students brought acupuncture, massage, cupping, auricular acupoint stickers, Chinese herbal tea and other traditional Chinese medicine experience projects, which attracted many participants, and has been highly praised by leading teachers and on-site students of Zhejiang Business College.

"This activity is super interesting. The students like my self-made herbal tea very much." Ilham from Morocco said excitedly. Ayan from Kazakhstan said with a smile that "after an afternoon's practice, I can do the successful cupping proficiently now". After the exhibition, student representatives said that they had gained a lot, and hope to have the opportunity to participate in such activities again.

This TCM experience activity enables Chinese and foreign teachers and students to understand traditional Chinese medicine culture, enhance their awareness of health care, and enhance their understanding and recognition of traditional Chinese medicine culture in the process of cupping, auricular acupoint sticking and other traditional Chinese medicine experience projects. At the same time, it also showed Chinese as well as foreign teachers and students from different countries and regions the good mental outlook of international students from Zhejiang Chinese Medical University.






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