Upgrading Ceremony for 2020 Pre-med International Students

At 9 a.m. on October 21, International Education College held the upgrading ceremony of the 2020 pre-med in the library hall of Binwen campus. The first prize winner of the 3rd national teaching competition for MBBS program(2021), Dr. REN Reng from Neurointensive Care Unit of Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University , and two international alumni ATHENA NYIAM LI YI (Malaysia, master of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2014) and JUNAID IQBAL (Pakistan, representative of 2020 undergraduates clinical medicine) were invited to attend the ceremony. Students who could not attend due to the impact of the COVID-19 were invited to participate in the online live broadcast overseas  with teachers and students on the spot.

WAN Duo, the vice dean of International Education College, awarded admission certificates to 23 students at school and 20 overseas students via live broadcast. All the students took the Hippocratic Oath under the leadership of Dr. CHU Hailin from International Education College, marking the formal start of undergraduate study. On behalf of 2021 clinical medicine OKONKWO AMARACHI (Nigeria) and 2021 B&R Traditional Chinese Medicine YANGCHAYUTBHONG PRAPORN (Thailand) shared their experiences in the pre-med life and expressed their dreams and determination to study hard in the next five years. Since 2016 and 2018, International Education College has set up preparatory course for Clinical Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine (BRTCM program) respectively. International students who meet the corresponding academic requirements  can upgrade to the formal 5-year medical study.

After the upgrading ceremony, Dr. REN Reng gave a speech on "What makes medical student a good doctor?". She talked about her story when she learnt in America, France, England and Australia. She thought medical students should not only possess professional knowledge and ability, but also master the skills of communication and cooperation. ATHENA NYIAM LI YI who is currently engaged in research and development of Traditional Chinese Medicine and clinical diagnosis and treatment in Beijing, communicated with everyone about health preservation of Traditional Chinese Medicine. JUNAID IQBAL who is studying for a master's degree in Xiangya School of Medicine, introduced about his professional research on obesity. Their speeches received an enthusiastic reaction from audiences.

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