IEC attended Academic Seminar on TCM Education for International Students China in the New Era

On October 18th, 2021, "Academic Seminar on TCM Education for International Students  China in the New Era" was held in Nanjing. IEC Dean Huang Zaiwei led the Teaching Affairs Department and the Department of Enrollment and Student Affairs to attending the meeting. This seminar was jointly organized by the Education Management Branch of Chinese higher education association for  international students in China and Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine. Nearly 100 representatives from the International Education Institute (Cooperation Department) of Chinese Medicine colleges in various provinces attended the seminar.  

IEC Dean Huang Zaiwei was invited to give a working report of "ZCMU exploration of international curriculum construction for TCM international students" . After reviewing the school's history of international education, he introduced the main work carried out so far focusing construction of international courses in the past 6 years, such as the competition of English-taught  teaching skills and the accreditation of English-taught course teachers, the English training and knowledge-sharing. Dr.HUANG also shared ZCMU preparatory work for "higher education accreditation for international  students in China" this year. After the keynote report, the seminar set up three sub-forums according to studying in China, international cooperation and cross-cultural communication for the delegates.

China Ministry of Education(MoE) has issued the No. 42 decree "school enrollment and training of international students management measures" and "higher education quality-control for international students  in China (Trial)" and other documents. Since then, all colleges have carried out various exploration and research with their own characteristics implementing MoE regulations. In this seminar, TCM colleges and universities have had in-depth discussions and exchanges by sharing their experiences.

It is IEC tradition to regularly attend various meetings and seminars organized by at both national and provincial level. Through learning and thinking, IEC is committed to promoting quality-control leading to the sound development of education for  international  students in China.

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