Let's talk about hospital experience

"2021 summer clinical practice sharing exchange meeting" between Chinese and international students was held on September 17th, in classroom 17-321 of Binwen campus. The meeting invited representatives from ZCMU teaching affairs department, doctors and nurses of affiliated hospitals including Zhejiang Provincial Hospital ofTCM, Zhejiang Xinhua Hospital, Hangzhou First People's Hospital, Zhejiang Provincial People's HospitalSecond Affiliated Hospital of Zhejaing Univeristy (ZheEr Binjiang. Live broadcast was also carried out via dingtalk which attracted more than 260 medical and nursing students online who were affected by the epidemic border control. The theme of the exchange meeting was "learning medicine in Zhejiang, life is amazing".

Six international students and four Chinese students shared the gains and losses of clinical practice learning, and gave their opinions and suggestions. 马万达(Uganda2019 nursing major , inspired by the teaching concept of "Today's Students, Tomorrow's Colleagues" in the nursing department of Xinhua Hospital, gradually overcame the tension and anxiety after coming to hospital and integrated into the team and gained the trust of patients. He believes that empathy for patients is as important as improving nursing skills.

马万达's classmate 李悦欣 from Congo (Brazzaville), had a 4-week probation in Hangzhou First People's Hospital. She thought that the most important things in her work were: being punctual, calm down, respecting patients and protecting their privacy, and often expressed gratitude for the patient's trust. Chinese students from the second clinical medical schoolDong Jiaqi, Wang Chenxi and nursing school(Ni Qiqi,Xu Niying ) demonstrated the effect of integrating acupuncture and moxa skills  into nursing. They all thought highly of the cross-cultural communication with international students.

李佳, Zimbabwe, 2018-grade clinical medicine major, was put on 4-weeks probation in Zhejiang Provincial People's Hospital. In the first week at TCM department, she saw the magical effect of acupuncture on pain/pressure relief. She also observed online consultation by doctors at different hospitals. She said she would try her best to learn Chinese and medical knowledge well to be well prepared for the graduation internship next year. Nana, a 2018 grade nursing major, now in Tanzania, also sent a video of one day's internship, which greatly encouraged the students.

In the second stage, doctors and nurses made an impromptu speech, expressing their satisfaction to the students' achievements in learning and putting forward suggestions on how to improve teaching. Nurse 吕逗逗 from ZheEr Binjiang said students have to treat patients and their families like their relatives. Director 王知非 of the international cooperation department of Zhejiang Provincial People's Hospital recorded a video for this exchange meeting, saying that the hospital will continue to support the clinical practice of international students. LORNA, a Philippine foreign teacher in nursing school, reviewed her internship and asked medical students to often think about two themes "Equity and Justice" when engaging in clinical work.

Wanduo, IEC vice dean expressed her gratitude to the hospital and teachers. She encouraged international students to relieve the pain of patients and their families with their medical knowledge and humanistic care. "Let's overcome difficulties and greet the beginning of the new semester with a positive attitude." She added.

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