ZCMU  Completed Inspection of International Education and Teaching

ZCMU recently carried out an inspection on international education and teaching in year 2021. This inspection is led by IEC and jointly completed by Teaching Affairs Department, the Graduate School as well as the international education supervisers. Withthe goal of "standardizing teaching and improving quality", the inspection team inspected the curriculum outline, exam papers and clinical practice. A total of 127 course outlines and 15 test papers selected and sent by 9 colleges were checked. An questionnaire of international students was also completed.

The inspection teams went to Xinhua Hospital, the first People's Hospital of Hangzhou and the People's Hospital of Zhejiang province, checkings included listening to the report of the hospital's teaching situation, consulting the teaching logbook, observing small lectures and holding a teacher-student meetings.

The inspection found that the teaching management of most clinical teaching bases was standardized, and the teachers were serious and responsible. The hospitals and teachers could communicate with each other in time to solve the difficulties and provide help for the students. The inspection team gave feedback and communication with the teaching base on the problems existing.

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