International Students Majoring In Clinical Medicine Of 2017 Begin Their Graduation Internship

According to the requirements of the undergraduate training program of clinical medicine (international students), recently, international students majoring in clinical medicine of grade 2017 went to Xinhua Hospital of Zhejiang province and the first People's Hospital of Hangzhou to begin a one-year (52 weeks) graduation internship. The heads of the teaching departments of the two hospitals carefully organized and arranged the admission ceremony, and introduced the overall situation of the hospital, the characteristic departments and the requirements and arrangements of the internship to the students.

Grade 2017 is the third batch of international undergraduate students majoring in clinical medicine enrolled by our school, including 8 students applying for graduation internship in Hangzhou. When setting up the training program, the International Education College put the clinical link ahead. At the end of the first semester of the junior year, the students of grade 2017 conducted a two-week "clinical perception" project in the affiliated hospital, mainly to observe clinical case handling, experience the daily work of the hospital, etc. International students communicate with doctors in English, and this mode has been well received by students and doctors.

Since the outbreak of the CONVID-19 in 2020, the International Education College has overcome difficulties and carried out online and offline mixed teaching. Students of grade 2017 also successfully completed four weeks of clinical probation last summer vacation. In addition to arranging teachers with high English proficiency and pairing with Chinese students, the affiliated hospital also specially prepared English lectures. During the probation, international students deeply realized the importance of combining book knowledge with clinical practice; At the same time, doctors strengthened their confidence and ability of English expression through real scene communication, this will certainly promote the process of hospital internationalization.

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