International students of clinical medicine and nursing begin summer internship

According to the training plan, international students majoring in clinical medicine and nursing of 2018 and 2019 in our school have been assigned to 5 hospitals including Zhejiang Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital and Zhejiang Xinhua Hospital since mid-July, start clinical perception activities and clinical practice.

When setting up the training program, the International Education College will put the clinical link ahead. At the end of the first semester of junior year, the clinical major students will go to the affiliated hospital for a 2-week "clinical perception" project, mainly to observe clinical case handling, experience the daily work of the hospital, etc. This year, students of grade 2019 clinical major spring class participate in this project, and they are also the first batch of international clinical medicine undergraduate students enrolled in our school in spring.

After successfully completing the summer internship last year, our school recruited the first batch of international undergraduates majoring in nursing-international students majoring in nursing of grade 2018, and began a 40-week graduation internship. At the same time with grade 2018, it was grade 2019 nursing class. Led by grade 2018 senior male schoolmate senior female schoolmate, they stepped into the hospital and started the 4-week probation with a little excitement and tension. Compared with last year, the nursing department of the affiliated hospital has made more careful preparations when receiving international interns. For example, the selection of all English-speaking award-winning teachers of the school to participate in teaching, carrying out bilingual admission ceremony, etc., has improved the degree of students' integration.

Clinical practice is the only way for medical students to combine theory and practice learning. It can train students' practical ability, improve their practical work level and lay a good foundation for future medical work.

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