School's International Student Teaching Supervision Team Held a Final Term Meeting

At noon on July 9th, the International Student Teaching Supervision Team of our school held a meeting in conference room 12109 of International Education College. The meeting was hosted by the director of the teaching department, Chen Ye, and attended by the Dean of the International Education College, the vice Dean of teaching and the members of the International Student Teaching Supervision Team.

At the meeting, the team leader Du Yueguang, on behalf of the supervision team, reviewed and summarized the supervision work of the 2020-2021(2) semester and affirmed the overall level of international students' classroom teaching. Later, other members of the supervision group made speeches one by one, and gave specific suggestions and opinions on classroom hardware facilities, teaching standardization, classroom interaction between teachers and students, etc. Then, the teaching department introduced the supervision work arrangement of the next phase. Finally, Huang zaiwei, the Dean of International Education College, expressed his gratitude to the supervision team and hoped that the members of the supervision team could perform their supervision duties and support the international education and teaching work of the school as always.

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