Since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, overseas education for international students has been facing huge challenges. In order to provide a chance of TCM experience to international students, Zhejiang Chinese Medical University organized a spring camp on cloud.

The opening ceremony was held at 16:30 Beijing time, Feb.27 2021. Over 100 international students from 8 countries including Romania, Israel, Indonesia, Portugal and South Korea, gathered online for the ceremony.

Ms. Wan Duo, the vice dean of International Education College gave a welcome speech and introduced the basic condition of ZCMU and IEC. She hoped that students could enjoy TCM stories and experience the charm of China.

ZCMU also set a reward that outstanding participants are prioritized the admission and scholarship to degree programs of ZCMU for the camp.

This online spring camp, co-organized by International Education College and International Cooperation Affairs, will last for 2 weeks, and consists of 3 courses: daily Chinese language, An Overview of Chinese culture, and TCM which is the core element of the whole program. The program is intended to display the charm of Chinese culture and TCM to the world.

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