On January 29th, Wu Chengliang The Vice President of ZCMU paid a visit to the international students who stayed on campus during the winter vacationaccompanied by the relevant persons of IEC.

The Vice President Wu Chengliang visited the dormitory and gave the New Year gift bags to the students one by one. Wu asked the students about their study and life at school, and reminded them to pay attention to safety during the holiday and do a good job in Covid-19 pandemic prevention. As the epidemic continues overseas, Wu also concerned about the situation in students' hometown. Moreover, Wu encouraged students to make good use of the winter vacation to enrich their life.

Due to the influence of the Covid-19 epidemic, international students in China will stay in Hangzhou for Chinese New Year in accordance with the principle of “Try to stay in Hangzhou if you can” advocated by the school. IEC also prepared the New Year gift package for students before, including Chinese knot, epidemic prevention supplies and so on, hoping that students can feel the warmth of the Chinese New Year. The students expressed their appreciation for the concerns and care from ZCMU, and also promised that they would abide by the school's epidemic prevention regulations, and spend a safe and meaningful winter vacation.

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