In order to further standardize the teaching management of international students, improve the quality of teaching, and establish a long-term mechanism of "teaching supervision, learning supervision and management supervision", the university has recently issued Measures for International Student Teaching Supervision, the International Student Teaching Supervision Committee was established, and the first committee meeting was held at the International Education College The meeting summarized the development of teaching for international student in recent years, and further arrangements and requirements for the teaching supervision for international student were set at the meeting.

At the meeting, Wang Ying, Deputy Dean of IEC, first introduced the current situation of international education in the university, especially the work carried out in recent years for the improvement of the teaching quality of international education. As the international education in China has entered the stage of " quality and efficiency enhancement", universities are faced with higher requirements for international education. Meanwhile, affected by COVID-19 pandemic, medical education for international students in China is facing unprecedented challenges, especially the teaching of practical courses. It is urgent to set up a mechanism to ensure the quality of the entire medical education system for international students. Afterwards, The Teaching Management Department of IEC specified the scope of responsibilities and work requirements of the committee members, and highlighted the key points and difficulties of the job at this stage. Du Yueguang, the elected committee chair, said that under her lead, the committee would spare no efforts to facilitate the international education of the university. Finally, Wang Ying presented letters of appointment to the 8 committee members on behalf of the university.

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