On October 31, International Education College organized an autumn outgoing of Chinese culture experience in which more than 60 international students in Hangzhou participated.

Two lines of tours were arranged. The first stop for Southern Song Dynasty tour was the Southern Song Dynasty Official Kiln Museum, which is located at the foot of Yuhuang Mountain. It is the first ceramic thematic museum built on ancient kiln sites in China. The students were fascinated by the exquisite porcelain exhibits displayed in the museum and the ruins under the altar of the Southern Song Dynasty official kiln. Afterwards, the students came to the Baguatian Scenic Area to experience the changing of the four seasons the harmonious coexistence of man and nature where they were intoxicated in the beautiful natural scenery.

The canal culture tour took students first to the Hangzhou Museum of Arts and Crafts, where they were immersed in the Intangible Cultural Heritage of exquisite handicrafts. Exhibits displayed manifested the wisdom and skill of the traditional Chinese arts and craftsmen. Later, in Qiaoxi Historic District, students’ minds were brought back to the ancient China with the thousand- year-old canal. With the arched stone bridge, the white walls and black tiles and the long and narrow alleys, the image of ancient China city came alive. Students were appealed to the on-going Grand Canal Temple Fair where they had a best taste of local life in Hangzhou.

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