On 20th October, International Education College held the opening ceremony of 2020 Autumn and the up-grading ceremony for pre-med students of 2019 in auditorium in the library Binwen Campus. Prof. Wu Chengliang, Vice President, staff of IEC, freshmen of 2020 and pre-med students of 2019 on campus attended the ceremony. The ceremony was live on internet for students back home due to the pandemic.

Vice President Wu expressed his warmest welcome to the freshmen of 2020 and introduced the history, international education and school motto of the Zhejiang Chinese Medical University. He also shared life philosophy with the students that medical students should have a global mindset and gratefulness, keep the curiosity for the world and harbor the aspiration to be medical practitioners with expertise and virtue, be open and inclusive, and learn from each other. He encouraged students make the best out of themselves with endeavors.

Ali Kamran, a postgraduate candidate of 2019 shared his life and study experiences and hoped that everyone could be positive and enterprising, constantly challenge himself and realize his medical dream.

Ahmed Omar Medhat Mostafa Elsayed Sayed, a representative of the freshmen, shared his 10-year life experiences in China and expressed his resolution of hard work in college.

Afterwards, the up-grading ceremony was held. Vice President Wu, presented the certificate of up-grading to the 8 on-campus students of 2019, meanwhile, e-certificate was presented to the 47 online students. Upgrading certificates and the solemnly sworn medical oath signified the official start of the bachelor’s degree program for clinical medicine.

The 3 questions, “Where are you?”, “Where are you here?”, “What should you do here?”, raised by Prof. Wang Ying, Deputy Dean of International Education College, in the following first lecture for the new students, well eliminated the confusion of the freshmen as to the life and study they are going to have here in China. A clear goal, awareness of Chinese laws and culture, good command of the Chinese language as well as the reasonable management of study and life are what is required in the following years for the students. At last, Prof. Wang Ying hoped that students could make good use of time, harbor a high aspiration and make themselves excellent medical practitioners.


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