An online students meeting was held via Dingtalk in the evening on May 25. Students from 12 classes and their class teachers attended the meeting.

Ms. Jane Zhang, director of Students Affairs office, hosted the meeting and briefed the students with operations of the IEC since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic including the online teaching, resumption of internship, students within China returning to campus and the 4th Chinese Language Competition, etc. She also made detailed explanations on the issues concerning visa and residence permit extension, payment of tuition fees, policy of dorm fee refund, final examinations and evaluation of scholarship. Finally, students are strongly suggested to maintain physical and mental health, and closely cooperate with and support the work of the college to overcome the difficulties in this special period.

Afterwards, Prof. Wang Ying, Deputy Dean of IEC, delivered a speech, extending sincere greetings to all international students on behalf of all staff and teaching faculty of IEC. She further elaborated the requirements for the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, policies of final exams, tuition and accommodation fees payment refund, and arrangements of integration of online and offline course.

So far, part of international students has not returned to school due to the pandemic. IEC has been concerned about students' study, mentality and physical health ever since, and has made adjustments in teaching plans accordingly in light of the evolvement of the pandemic. Prior to the meeting on May 25, briefing sessions on graduation, internship has been held on April 10 and April 24 for the undergraduates of clinical medicine class 2015 and 2016. In the next stage, IEC will continue to adhere to the normalization of epidemic prevention and control and maintain the safety and stability of the campus, organize teaching work through a combination of online and offline to ensure the order and quality of teaching.

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