On March 2nd, ZCMU started the new semester officially on cloud. International students attended the first lecture delivered by President Chen around the world. Compared with Chinese students, International students have an extra obstacle—time difference. For some students, the lectured started at midnight, for some early morning. However, our international students started the new semester on time in front of their PCs, tablets and even mobile phones.

Afterwards, “Systematic Anatomy” and “Chinese Cuture II”had the first live broadcast. Thanks to the prior preparation of the Teaching Affairs Office of IEC and the course teachers, the first live show of high quality in audio and video went well with 53 attendants for “Systematic Anatomy” and 45 for “Chinese Cuture II”. On the first day of cloud class, 12 courses were launched with an approximate attendance rate of 90%.

During the period of Pandemic Prevention and Control, IEC will launch more than 40 online courses with more following. Data of those courses will be collected by Teaching Affairs Office and questionnaires will be conducted to ensure the high quality of online teaching.

Author: Hits: Release time:2020-03-02