Academic Festival for International Students 2019 Wraps Up

Recently, the Academic Festival for International Students, 2018 with the theme of Seek the Origin & Pursue the Knowledge (Qiu Ben & Wen Xue) wrapped up successfully after the speech contest for international students.

This year’s academic festival comprises three major activities. The first part is the solemn Oath-Taken Ceremony students of 2018 Pre-med and those of Traditional Chinese Medicine swore the oath for medical students, which signifies the official start of the bachelor’s degree program for medicine. And Ms. Zheng Lanzhi from the First Affiliated Hospital and Lei Yang, a postgraduate candidate form Wenzhou Medical University shared their experiences of medical career.

The second part with the theme of Being a Doctor is a Long Way to Go is composed of ten lectures which cover the themes from law, medicine to Chinese language. In addition, IEC also held a sharing for alumni with the theme of “Hearts and Minds on TCM”.

The third part which is also the highlight of the whole festival is a speech contest for international students. A team performance is required for the contest. Our contestants organized themselves into teams with members from different countries, grades and majors. 13 teams with 61contestants from 26 countries made it into the final. Sparkles of ideas and brilliant viewpoint were elaborated based on the topics of ZCMU and Me, Global Health Global Health in The New Era, BRI and My Country”.

The Academic Festival originated in the year of 2017. This year, more fresh ideas were integrated. The Festival provides a platform for the international students to embrace different culture and communicate, offers students more vision and inspires their enthusiasm for academic studies. The Festival has become an annual activity of IEC with international perspectives.

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