In order to strengthen the management of clinical practice for international postgraduate students and improve the quality of clinical skill training, under the guidance of the Graduate School, International Education College has recently carried out the clinical practice inspection for postgraduate students of Grade 2017 and 2018. Four experts from the affiliated second and third hospitals and the provincial people’s hospital comprehensively assessed the study status of students through simulation of the SP patient diagnosis and treatment, clinical thinking and decision-making questions, clinical basic skills and professional skills operation, etc.,. Students performed well in all aspects.

Through this clinical practice inspection, the students, on the one hand, had a retrospection and summary of their studies, and on the other hand, also realized the significance of clinical practice.

Some problems are also spotted through the inspection. The arrangement of clinical rotation is in lack of flexibility, and the structure of the attending doctors is yet to be improved. International Education College will coordinate with the relevant internship units, sort out the practice regulations and optimize the teaching team to solve the above problems.


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