On 17thJuly TCM summer camp of 2019 unveiled in Zhejiang Chinese Medical University with the arrival of the study from “Vasile Goldish”West University Romania. An opening ceremony was held in IEC Salon. Jiang Jianfeng, Deputy Director of International Affairs office, Wang Ying, Acting Dean of International Education College, Chen Xiaoqian, Director of Non-Degree Program were present at the ceremony.

During the month program, campers had lectures on the Chinese language, Chinese calligraphy, made Jiaozi (Chinese Dumplings), pottery and also learned to play Guzheng, a Traditional Chinese musical instrument. In addition to Chinese culture, exploration of Traditional Chinese Medicine was also a part of the program. Lectures on TCM, from basic theories, diagnosis to treatments brought a whole new medical world to the students. They also experienced the treatment of Acupuncture, Tuina, Cupping Therapy and Guasha. More knowledge was obtained about TCM and herbs after the tours to herb plantation, affiliated hospitals.

“It was amazing! I would like to learn more about TCM and would definitely use TCM in my future medical practice.” One of the students expressed his future plan in his presentation for the one-month-study on the closing ceremony.

It was the second time for IEC to have campers from Romania for TCM summer camp since the establishment of TCM Center of ZCMU in Romania. The camp is attracting more westerners who are interested in TCM and Chinese Culture to explore China and creating more possibilities for the combination of Chinese and Western Medicine.

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