Study Group from Indiana University South Bend Completes Training Course in IEC

On May 19th, led by Prof. Yilei Qian and Prof. Cynthia Dawn Sofhauser, a study group of 13 undergraduates in the major of Biomedical Science, Nursing and Medical Imageology from Indiana University South Bend arrived at International Education College, ZCMU for a three-week-long program.

An opening ceremony was held on May 20th to welcome the group. Ms. Zhang Jin, director of Student Affair Office, and Ms. Chen Xiaoqian, director of short-term training programs, were present at the ceremony. A tour to TCM Museum on campus followed.

Chinese Language and Chinese Calligraphy courses as well as Chinese dumpling and pottery making were arranged for the students to fully experience Chinese culture. In addition, students also learned and experienced Acupuncture-Moxibustion, Tuina, Cupping and Scraping Therapy which led them into a whole new world of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The group also had tours to affiliated hospitals of ZCMU and Herb Plantation.

Closing ceremony was held on June 7th, in which case discussion was organized regarding five types of common diseases as Parkinson's disease, Gingivitis, Fibromyalgia, Migraine and Arthritis. The students compared Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine in terms of diagnoses and treatments. Wang Ying, Deputy Dean of IEC, attended the ceremony and presented the students with study certificates.

The successful completion of the program paved the way for further collaboration between the two universities in versatile fiels.

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