Trainees from Five Branches University Arrived For Study

On 23rd April, a group of twelve trainees majoring in TCM from Five Branches University led by Professor Polin Xu arrived in ZCMU for a 2-week-long Clinical training program. An opening and welcome ceremony was held by IEC. A/Prof. Wang Ying, Dupty Dean of IEC and Ms. Chen Xiaoqian, Director of Short-term Train Programs were present at the ceremony. A tour to the Zhejiang Chinese Medicine Museum followed afterwards.

“The program offered a great opportunity for us to observe how patients are diagnosed and treated in China. It really casts some new light to our study and practice of TCM”, trainees told IEC teachers afterwards.

The cooperation between Five Branches University and Zhejiang Chinese Medical University started more than 10 years ago, during which inter-university short-training programs are traditions. In addition, joint -Master and Doctoral-degree programs have been conducted for years between the two universities, under which dozens of students have finished the postgraduate programs of ZCMU and obtained their Degrees.

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