Trainees from University of Nevada Arrived for Studies

On 15th April, a group of eight undergraduates majoring in Nursing from University of Nevada led by Professor Long Tracey Bates arrived in ZCMU for a week-long training program. An opening and welcome ceremony was held by IEC. A/Prof. Wang Ying, Dupty Dean of IEC and Ms. Chen Xiaoqian, Director of Short-term Train Programs were present at the ceremony. A tour to the Zhejiang Chinese Medicine Museum followed afterwards.

Field trips to the First Affiliated Hospital, Affiliated Center of Rehabilitation, Hangzhou First People’s Hospital and Jia Xing Meihuazhou Rehabilitation Center were arranged for the trainees to visit the TCM Pharmacy, Clinics of Acupuncture Moxibustion and Tuina as well as the facilities of rehabilitation. Therapies and treatments featuring TCM captured the interests of our foreign students. In Hangzhou First People’s Hospital, students also took a practice course on First Aid.

During the program, the trainees also had a close communication with local middle school students in Wenlan Middle School of Hangzhou. Long Tracey Bates delivered a lecture on the basics of First Aid and the trainees together with the undergraduates of Nursing from ZCMU demonstrated the skills of First Aid in case of emergencies.

Trainees also had wonderful experiences of Chinese Culture through the visits to China Umbrella Museum, the Grand Jing-Hang Canal Museum and China National Tea Museum.

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