Zhejiang Chinese Medical University 2022 Hui’er Scholarship for International Postgraduates

The Program Overview

Zhejiang Chinese Medical University (ZCMU) is a comprehensive teaching and research university which is specialized in Medicine including Chinese Medicine, Clinical Medicine, Pharmacology, Nursing, Medical Technology, etc. It is a provincial key university under the co-construction of People's Government of Zhejiang Province, State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ministry of Education. ZCMU is composed of 15 colleges, 3 directly affiliated hospitals and 20 indirectly affiliated hospitals.

In 2014, College of Medical Technology (CMT) was established on the basis of College of Hearing and Speech Sciences, College of Information Technology, and College of Life Science. CMT offers programs of master degree in majors of Audiology, Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics, and Traditional Chinese Medicine Informatics. CMT is one of the Chinese institutions on the British Prime Minister Initiative (PMI) List, one of audiologist training centers for Institute of Otorhinolaryngology of Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA), and as well as one of the training centers of Hearing Aid Consultants in China.

The major of Audiology was set up in 2001 in ZCMU as the first undergraduate specialty in the education of audiology in China, and so far, more than 1,600 students have already graduated with bachelor degree of Audiology from ZCMU. In 2012, Professor Wang Yonghua, the ex-dean of the College of Hearing and Speech Sciences, established the program of Master Degree of Audiology in ZCMU which was also known as the pioneering work in China. By focusing on training specialized postgraduate students in the fields of Research of Clinical Audiology, Auditory Function Detection, and Deafness and Speech Rehabilitation, more than 30 students have successfully graduated with a master degree in Audiology since then.

Since the training direction of Audiology in the postgraduate level in ZCMU emphasizes a lot in the practical ability, they have varied cooperation with world-widely famous companies of hearing aid as Starkey, Oticon, Maico, and Hui’er. Especially Hui’er, a local brand of hearing aid which was also founded by Prof. Wang Yonghua, has made great contribution in family rehabilitation of hearing loss children and the development digital hearing aids, more than 15,000 hearing loss children have been treated and benefited from its techniques.

In order to expand the influence of Audiology of ZCMU, as well as to help developing countries and regions to cultivate specialized talents in the relevant field, Professor Wang Yonghua generously established Hui’er Scholarship in 2019 to support students from counties and regions along the Belt and Road to pursue master degree in Audiology, specializing in Hearing and Speech Rehabilitation in ZCMU.


Extracurricular Activities-World Hearing Day in 2022


1.1 Eligibility

1) Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens in good health with no infectious disease.

2) Applicants should be under the age of 35 .

1.2 Application Documents

1) Application form;

2) Scanned copy of passport including photo page and visa page with at least 6 months validity from the submission of the application;

3) Recent 2-inch color photo (white background);

4) Scanned copy of the highest diploma and/or degree certificate; Provisional graduation certificate is acceptable upon application, while the official highest diploma and/or degree certificate shall be submitted prior to registration at ZCMU;

5) Academic transcripts during Bachelor’s degree study;

6) Two recommendation letters in Chinese or English from full professors or associate professors;

7) A personal statement in Chinese or English with minimum of 1000 words including education background, working experiences, purpose of application and study plan;

8) Scanned copy of HSK certificate (if any);

9) Papers published or academic achievements (if any);

10) Physical Examination Report (issued in recent 6 months);

11) Police Clearance Certificate (issued in recent 6 months);

12) For applicants already in China, study certificate/working certificate is required;

13) Other documents (if necessary).

1.3 How to apply

1) Apply Online: https://admission.zcmu.edu.cn

2) Send application documents to admission@zcmu.edu.cn

1.4 Deadline for Application

June 15, 2022.

2. Study Length

Three years (full-time).

3. Specialty


4. Graduation and Degree

Students who have completed all course studies, internship, dissertation defense, as well as other required training process will be awarded with the postgraduate diploma and Master degree of Medicine.

5. Admission

On-site or on-line Interviews will be organized for the applicants after the assessment of their application documents. Merit-based admission will be offered based on the comprehensive evaluation of applicants’ academic performances, personal study plan as well as their performances in the interview.

6. Registration

Registration will be in September, 2022. For exact date, please refer to the Admission Notice. Students should register within the stipulated time with X1 visa and all original documents.

Admission will be canceled if any of the following cases happens:

1) Failure to provide the original copy of all application documents.

2) Failure to register on time without any notice in advance.

7. Fee Structure (RMB)

1) Application Fee: 600RMB (not refundable)

2) Tuition Fee: 32,000RMB/year

3) Physical Check-up Fee: 390RMB

4) Insurance Fee: 800RMB/year

5) Visa Fee: 400RMB/year

6) Accommodation Fee: 2,250—9,000RMB/bed/year

8. Scholarship

A total amount of 125,000RMB scholarship is available for each candidate. 40% of the amount will be granted in the first year; 30% in the second year and another 30% in the third year.


Admission office International Education College Zhejiang Chinese Medical University

Address: No. 548 Binwen Road, Binjiang District, Hangzhou

Tel: 86-571-86613649

Website: https://iec.zcmu.edu.cn

Email: admission@zcmu.edu.cn

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