Notice on Optional Courses Selection for Term 2021-2022-2

一、Selection Date and Class Date

Selection Date: February 17(15:00)-February 20(24:00) Beijing Time  

Class date: Starts the earliest from February 26, 2022, Saturday (exact class time and classroom will be determined after the course selection)

二、Target Students

For all international undergraduate and graduate students. IEC strongly recommends all of you to choose.

三、Way of Selecting a Course

1. Log on MYIEC system, students in clinical medicine and BRTCM classes should log on with your new student number.and if you are off campus, log on to the VPN authentication page of ZCMU is needed.


2. Click “My Study”

3. Click “公选课” to enter the course selection page.

4. Click ”选课” for detailed course information, then click the course selection button to choose 1 course to submit. Once there appears a green check mark after the course you select, that indicates the course is been selected successfully.


1. The teaching language is English, and the class is concluded before the 17th week of each semester.

2. There is no extra charge for taking optional courses, and credits for these courses are included in graduation credits.

3. Every student can choose ONLY ONE course. Optional Course can only be opened when it has more than 10 students. Number limitation to 30 or 50 students.

4. Students should fully consider their own time arrangement, interest and learning ability while sign up for a course, and shall not quit the course with no grounds.

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