Registration Schedule for 2022 Spring Semester

According to the prevention and control requirements of the superior and the territory, combined with the actual work of the university, the relevant matters concerning the registration in the spring semester of 2022 are hereby notified as follows.

. Time

Registration for current students: February 20

Registration for freshmen: Before March 4

Current students officially start class: February 21

Freshmen officially start class: March 7

. Health conditions requirements for back to university

All domestic students must hold Zhejiang Health Green Code, Itinerary Card and Campus Card when come to the university, and meet the following health conditions:

1. The health monitoring is normal 14 days before returning to university, and there is no fever (body temperature no higher than 37.3 degrees), chest tightness, dry cough, diarrhea and other symptoms; if the above symptoms occur, you must go to the local hospital to confirm the exclusion of COVID-19, holding within the past 48 hours Negative nucleic acid test report or hospital diagnosis certificate to come back to university;
2. Complete 14 consecutive days of health check-in on the university's WeChat account before returning to university;

3. No contact with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 patients or asymptomatic infections one month before returning to university;

4. Within 14 days, students who have travel history in the counties (cities, districts) of medium and high risk areas, as well as the closed control areas, control areas, and prevention areas will not return to university until the whole area is converted into a low-risk area and the "three areas" are lifted. Students with a history of living or travel in the six districts of Fuyang District, Binjiang District, Shangcheng District, Gongshu District, Xiaoshan District, and Xihu District in Hangzhou in the 14 days before returning to university should with a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours;

5. Students who have been in low-risk areas outside Hangzhou and Zhejiang Province within 14 days, as well as other areas in the county (city, district) where the closed control area, control area, and prevention area are located within the province, return to university with a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours;

6. Within 35 days before returning to university, there is no history of foreign (overseas) travel or contact with foreign (overseas) personnel;

7. No epidemiological history within 28 days before returning to university with confirmed, suspected or confirmed suspected cases in the same space, same unit, same building 4 days before the onset of the disease;

8. After returning to university, if the departure place is listed as a medium or high risk area, from the date of listing as a medium and high risk area, corresponding health management measures shall be implemented in accordance with the territorial prevention and control requirements.

After the students returning to university from outside the province, the university will organize another nucleic acid test uniformly. International students abroad (overseas) will not return to university for the time being. Students who do not meet the health conditions for returning to university should take the initiative to contact the head teacher to apply for a postponement of returning to university until further notice. If there are new requirements from higher-level departments and territorial disease control departments, the college will announce it in a timely manner, and all students are invited to pay attention.

Ⅲ. The process of returning to university

1. Before returning to university

Students returning to university should measure body temperature every day for 14 consecutive days before the start of university, and fill in the "Health Declaration Form for International Students to Register and Return to University" (Attachment 1), and truthfully fill in the physical health status, travel history, contact history and other information of individuals and co-residents, as well as the time of returning to university. After returning to university, continue to implement health check-in; students who need to provide a negative nucleic acid test certificate should send the report to your class teacher for review before 14:00 the day before returning to university. After the approval of the class teacher, you can return to university at the specified time and schedule, and inform the head teacher of the specific itinerary. Students should return to university on time according to the return schedule, and try to avoid passing through medium and high risk areas. If the itinerary changes, please report to the class teacher as soon as possible.

2. On the way back to university

Encourage eligible students to return to university by private car and minimize public transportation. If you return to university by public transportation, please choose direct transportation as much as possible, wear a mask throughout the process, and recommend wearing disposable gloves to reduce communication and gathering with others, and actively cooperate with the prevention and control measures of the locality and relevant departments. Seek medical attention as soon as possible and report to the class teacher. If you need to be quarantined and observed on the way back to university due to epidemic prevention requirements, you must take the initiative to cooperate and keep in touch with the class teacher in time.

3. After returning to university

After returning to university, you must abide by the university's epidemic prevention policy, check in daily health as required, strictly implement the system of morning and noon temperature checks, and leave approval system, etc., and do personal protection to maintain safety and health. If you have fever or respiratory symptoms, including cough, sore throat, fatigue, diarrhea, etc., especially if your armpit body temperature is ≥37.3°C, you should report it as soon as possible. After returning to university, do not go out unless it is necessary, do not have meals, do not gather, and do not visit.

Students returning to university from outside of Zhejiang province must take a nucleic acid test at the university after arriving; students in the province after the "sealed control area, control area, and prevention area" are lifted must also complete a nucleic acid sampling; for students who are not out of the province during the holidays, you can voluntarily decide whether to test. Students are requested to bring Passport, mobile phones, and masks when having test. The time is 13:00-17:30 from February 19th to February 20th, and the location is the lobby on the first floor of the teaching building of No. 18, Binwen Campus. The test results can be checked on the Alipay APP.

From February 20th to 21st, all domestic and foreign students must register online through the international student management system MYIEC.

Students who cannot complete the online and offline registration within the specified time due to special reasons, please contact the head teacher before February 19 to complete the leave application procedures. Students who do not complete the registration without reason will be truanted by the university according to the procedures until they drop out.

The winter vacation is coming to an end, please get ready to welcome the arrival of the new semester!

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