Notice about the competition of "The Most Beautiful Dormitory"

Dear all students on NO.12 Building,
The competition of "The Most Beautiful Dormitory" will be held on 18th November. The relevant matters are as follows.

1.Evaluation Time

Before 20:00 on 16th November, 2021, students should submit the "Application Form for The Most Beautiful Student Dormitory of Zhejiang Chinese Medicial University"Attachment 1.

9:00am-11:00am, 18th November, 2021, there will be on-site inspection and assessment.


Take the dormitory as the unit to participate in the competition. All dormitories are required to participate in the competition.

3. Evaluation method

(1) Members of the evaluation team are teachers, apartment counselors and students representatives.

(2) The evaluation team will conduct on-site inspection and assessment. They will select 6-8 most beautiful dormitories of the college according to the scores, and award certificates and bonuses.

(3) The IEC will recommend one or two of the most beautiful dormitories to participate in the school-level competition based on the results of the this competition. In the school-level competition, students should prepare presentation which includes 1500 words of materials, 3-minute video and 5-minute PPT. The content of the presentation include: the basic information of dormitory members, dormitory civilization, dormitory environment display, dormitory culture and dormitory members' academic performance, scientific research, innovation and entrepreneurship, competition awards, social services and other aspects of the characteristics of the dormitory members.

(4) Evaluation score:

Total dormitory score = On-site score *70%+ application form score *30%

4. Award Settings (College-level Evaluation)

The First prize: 500 yuan;

The Second prize: 400 yuan;

The Third prize: 300 yuan;

Other dormitories with a total score of 80 or above will receive a subsidy of 50 yuan per dormitory.

If any dormitory wins the award in the school-level competition, students will get extra points to the annual comprehensive evaluation.

5.Evaluation rules

(1) Dormitory Basic Civilization (45 points)

No odor in the room (10 points)

The floor, desk and bed are clean and tidy, and reasonable placement of the items (10 points)

Garbage cleaning arrangement in regularity (5 points)

The hygiene and cleanliness of toilet (10 points)

No belongings stack at the door or corridor in dormitory. (10 points)

(2) Dormitory Safety Management (30 points)

No illegal using of electrical appliances (5 points)

No feeding small animals (5 points)

No illegal using of electric multi-tap and wires (5 points)

Proper using of electric, such as turn off the power when student leave dormitory, and disconnect the socket when the hair dryer, laptop, desk lamp, mobile power supply, electric charger, etc. are not in use (5 points)

Lock the door in time when student leave dormitory (5 points)

No other hidden dangers, such as open flames, charging in bed, etc (5 points)

(3) Dormitory Internal Management (5 points)

Harmonious dormitory roommates relationship and no bad behavior (3 points)

Dormitory members are warm and polite with their attitude (2 points)

(4) Additional points (20 points)

Dormitory decoration or designated style is unique and creative. (20 points)

(5) In case of any of the following circumstances, the selection qualification shall be directly canceled and rated as unqualified dormitory.

If found illegal electrical appliances are stored or used in the room during the evaluation.

Dormitory members have other behaviors in violation of Dormitory regulations and management.

International Education College

Zhejiang Chinese Medical University

November 12,2021

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