Notice on National Day Holiday Arrangements and Safety Reminders

National Day Holiday Arrangements

1Holiday: October 1st to October 7th

2Class schedule: September 26th (Sunday) will make up lessons for October 6th(Wednesday).October 9th (Saturday) will make up lessons for October 7th(Thursday).

Safety reminders:

International students are not allowed to go out of Zhejiang province. If anyone with special condition has to go out of Hangzhou city, please apply for leaving permission from your head teacher in advance, only when your application is approved by IEC can you leave school. Students who return to Hangzhou from other provinces must provide a nucleic acid test report within 48 hours before your arrival. Anyone who leaves Hangzhou or returns to school without approval will get punishment severely. Please scan the QR code below to fill in your holiday destination before 8:00 a.m. September 29th.

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