Mid-Autumn Holiday Arrangements and Safety Reminders

Mid-Autumn Holiday Arrangements

1Holiday: September 19 to September 21

2Class schedule: September 18 (Saturday) will make up lessons for September 20 (Monday).

Safety reminders:

1. International students are not allowed to go out of Hangzhou city. If there is a special circumstance, please ask for leave from your class teacher in advance, you can leave school only after approval. Those who leave Hangzhou without approval will be dealt with severely.

2. Take anti-epidemic measures, try to avoid going to crowed places, and avoid contacting with recent immigrants or unfamiliar people.

3. Report your health condition on time every day, take your temperature twice a day, if you have fever, dry cough, fatigue, sore throat, decreased sense of smell (taste), diarrhea and other symptoms, please contact the class teacher in time.

4. Comply with the Chinese laws and university regulations. Go back to dorm before the time set by school. During the holidays, party less, drink less, and stay away from drugs.

5. Pay attention to traffic safety, and take public transportations. Do not drive or ride motorcycles and electric bicycles with high risk factors. If you really need to drive an electric bicycle, please drive according to the regulations, wear a safety helmet correctly, and it is forbidden to ride a bicycle with people.

6. Pay attention to fire safety, do not use illegal electrical appliances, do not pull wires privately, and do not store flammable and explosive materials in the dormitory.

7. Pay attention to your visa expiry date, extend your visa in time, avoid illegal residence.

8. If there are special circumstances, please contact teachers on duty, counselors, and your class teacher in time.

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