Typhoon warning

Affected by the typhoon "Chanthu" , From September 12 to 13,there will be 6 to 8 gale strong winds along the coast of Taiwan Island, the northern coast of Fujian, eastern Zhejiang, Shanghai, the eastern coast of Jiangsu, Hangzhou Bay, and the Yangtze River Estuary .In some sea areas and regions, gust winds can reach 15-16 gale.

At the same time, there will be heavy rains in parts of southeastern Jiangsu, Shanghai, southeastern Anhui, and Zhejiang. Among them, Shanghai, northern Zhejiang, and parts of southeastern Jiangsu have short-term heavy rainfall and thunderstorms.

Tips on Typhoon:

1.Pay attention to the latest typhoon forecast and warning information;

2.When the typhoon comes, some large billboards will fall, trees will be blown down and utility poles will fall on the ground. When the typhoon comes, it is better to avoid going out as far as possible;

3.Typhoon weather will cause water accumulation and slippery roads, which will affect driving and cause accidents. Therefore, it is necessary to slow down when driving, and it is best for cyclists to choose to walk or take a bus in inclement weather;

4.Close the doors and windows tightly, and move the outdoor items such as potted plants into the room in time;

5.Do not play around in rivers and lakes, including swimming, boating, etc.;

6.Do not go to mountains or forests or other areas with complex terrain, which may lead to secondary disasters such as mountain floods and mudslides;

7.Turn off electrical equipment, cut off unnecessary power, etc. in time;

8.If there are special circumstances, please contact the class teacher in time, or call the Admission and Student Affairs Office telephone number (0571-86633102) .

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