Zhejiang Chinese Medical University "Perception of Zhejiang--Experience of Traditional Chinese Medicine" Summer Camp Program

1. Time and place
Date: August 7-9, 2021

Location: Zhejiang Chinese Medical University (Binwen campus)

2. Significance:

Build a bridge for all the overseas students in Hangzhou to get close to Traditional Chinese Medicine, experience the special Traditional Chinese Culture; through visiting community hospitals, characteristic departments or characteristic Chinese medicine hospital, encourage the students deeply understand Zhejiang and Hangzhou, experience Chinese culture.

3. Enrollment target and Quota:

All the overseas students in Hangzhou, 

Minimum 10 seats,Maximum 30 seats available

Registration deadlineJuly 31st

4. Fees: 

Free (in principle, accommodation is not provided)

5. Application Documents:

1). Application form (see attachment)

2). Scanned copy of passport

6. Schedule

7. Contact Information:

Online application: https://admission.zcmu.edu.cn

Email: admission2@zcmu.edu.cn

 附件 attachment  Application form 申请表.doc

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