Notice on the Application of the Eyas Project for International Students 2020


In order to improve the academic level of international students and cultivate the innovative ability, International Education College (IEC) have decided to set up the Eyas Project for international students and carry out the first batch of project application. The specific information is as follows:




  With the purpose of encouraging the participation of scientific researches of international students and cultivating the spirit of science truth, hard work and innovation, Eyas Project is set up to fund the establishment of scientific thinking, scientific research ability cultivation, academic communication, innovation and entrepreneurship.


Eligibility and research directions

1. 申报对象:全日制国际学历生,包括本科生和研究生。作为项目主持人,每人限报1项;但可作为项目组成员参与多项,但个人当年参与的项目不超过3项。项目组成员可跨专业、跨年级、跨层次。

Applicants: Full-time international students, both undergraduate and graduate students. Each applicant can only submit one project proposal as the project principal, but be collaborator for no more than 3 projects within one year. Cross major, grade and level collaborators are acceptable.

2. 项目研究内容应具有创新性、探索性和实践性。预期成果明确,能在国际学生学术思想、科研素养、创新创业能力提升等方面起到引领作用。

The research contents of the project should be innovative, exploratory and practical. The expected results should be clearly described, which can play a leading role in the improvement of international students' academic thinking, scientific research quality, innovation and entrepreneurship ability, etc.

3. 项目可围绕中医学、临床医学、药学、护理学、口腔医学、听力学等学科领域的基础研究、临床研究、文献整理等方面开展,同时鼓励学生开展与所学专业相关的学术交流,创新创业探索和社会实践等。

The project can focus on the fundamental research, clinical research, literature collation and other aspects in the fields of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Clinical Medicine and Pharmacy, Nursing, Stomatology, Audiology and other disciplines. Meanwhile, students are encouraged to carry out major-related academic exchanges, innovation and entrepreneurship exploration and social practice.


Evaluation, project approval quota and financial support

1. 申请人围绕研究方向撰写《浙江中医药大学国际学生翊苗计划申报书》,下载地址:国际学生管理服务系统 → 我的学业下载专区科研立项。)鼓励学生邀请相关领域老师参与项目指导。

The applicant shall fill the Eyas Project proposal (available at → my study → Download zone → scientific research project approval). A guidance from faculty of related research field is encouraged.

2. 《申报书》纸质稿一式3份,请于 20201210日报送国际教育学院12-104室,或12-105室,电子稿发至

Hard copies of the proposal in triplicate shall be submitted to Room 12-104/12-105, before December 4th, 2020. Soft copy shall be emailed to


Note: The project classification should be filled in strictly according to the category; For “Student Name” space, name of applicant is required and a maximum of 4 collaborators are allowed. Fill the highest degree of the applicant and the collaborator (current status) in the “Education” space (undergraduate, master and doctor.

3. 项目由国际教育学院组织专家进行评审、立项。项目研究经费由国际教育学院资助,资助经费为2000/项,根据申报及评审情况立项10-20项。立项后按1500/项拨发经费,结题验收通过后,再拨发500/项。

IEC will organize the evaluation for the projects among which 10 to 20 will be approved and funded with 2000 Yuan for each by IEC. 1500 Yuan will be granted upon approval, another 500 Yuan after the final inspection.

4. 项目应在1年内完成并提交相关研究成果,包括研究报告、学术论文、会议交流、科技作品等可考核的成果。研究成果申请人须为第一作者或署名第一的成果获得者。

The project shall be completed within 1 year with research results which shall be in the form of research reports, journal papers, conference papers, scientific and technological works and other assessable forms. The applicant must be the first author for the research results.


朱文佩 Judy Zhu 8661359712104 room

柳惠善 Lisa Liu 86613582 12105room


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November 9, 2020

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