2018 Chinese Language Competition——SHOW ME CHINESE LANGUAGE

1. Participants

International students

2. Organization

This competition consists of four parts: Singing in Chinese, Reciting in Chinese, Dubbing in Chinese and Writing in Chinese.

The specific requirements are as follows:

i. Singing in Chinese

The selected songs must be Chinese songs which are positive and about 2-4 minutes. You can sing alone or in a group (no more than 4 people). You need to prepare music tape by yourself and no lyrics. Please register with Bella (0ffice: 12-103).

ii. Reciting in Chinese:

The selected works should be Chinese ancient poems and modern poems, which are positive and about 1-3 minutes. You can recite it alone or in a group (no more than 4 people). You need to recite it loudly and without paper. Bring your own background music. Please register with Linky (Office: 12-110).

iii. Dubbing in Chinese:

In the form of dubbing movies, you can choose 2-5 minutes of movie clips for Chinese dubbing, which are positive. You can organize a group of 2-4 people and can’t read your lines. Dubbing APP “PEI YIN XIU” is recommended. Please register with Lani (Office: 12-103).

iv. Writing in Chinese:

Please submit your excellent calligraphy works (by brushes or pens) and Chinese compositions, which are positive and written by yourselves. Please submit your work and Letter of Commitment to Caroline before May 16th (Office: 12-105).

3. Sign up

i. Enrollment: Sign up to the teachers before May 7th 17:00.

ii. Preliminary competition: 14-16 May

iii. The final competition: According to the preliminary results, we will select the best participants and groups to attend the final competition in late May, and compete for prizes then.


Letter of Commitment.doc

International Education College

May 4th 2018

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