An Introduction of Advanced Training Programs for Overseas

Zhejiang Chinese Medical University (ZCMU) is a medical university under coordinated development in multidisciplinary fields of medicine, science, engineering, management and arts. As a medical university, ZCMU has 2 campuses, 3 directly affiliated hospitals and 20 indirectly affiliated hospitals. At present, ZCMU has about 15000 students in total and about 1200 teachers and faculties, with distribution in 10 colleges, 31 bachelor programs, 50 master programs, 14 doctoral programs and 3 post-doctoral stations.

Regarding with international communication and cooperation, ZCMU began its international education since 1985 and has trained more than 4000 overseas students from about 60 countries and regions. Currently, there are about 400 international students for degree’s education.

ZCMU has established its collaborations with 90 education organizations, scientific institutes and medical units in 31 countries and regions, and has a Confucius Institute in Coimbra, Portugal.

ZCMU is the vice president unit of 3 professional committees of the World Federation of the TCM society, rheumatism as one of them. Also it is the base of the World Federation of Acupuncture and International Acupuncture Test, and the TCM culture education base for the international students in Zhejiang Province.

International Education College (IEC), as ZCMU’s organization for educating international students, is in charge of international students’ admission, education and training. At present, about 400 students are under their study of degree education programs in IEC, which include the majors like Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Tuina, and Clinical Medicine. Besides, IEC receives dozens of short-term groups and recruits about 300 non-degree students for advanced study every year. In the last 3 years, IEC mainly has four kinds of advanced programs, as followings: intensive clinical internship, high-ranking training of traditional Chinese medicine, study tour program (including culture experience) and health preservation training.

1. Intensive Clinical Internship

The program is designed for senior medical students who have finished their theoretical courses, and require for the internship in the hospital, as well as for those professionals who have worked in hospitals and seek forfurther medical training. The internship program includes courses of pre-clinical training, internship at several departments in the hospital inpatient, such as Internal Medicine Dept., Surgery Dept., Oncology Dept., Gynecology Dept., Pediatrics Dept., and study in the outpatient and clinics for some characteristic subjects like traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture and tuina. IEC has carried out plenty of this kind of internship, like the undergraduate group from Tunku Abdul Rahman University, Malaysia, medical expert group recommended bylabor union in Thailand, acupuncturist group from Toyo Medical Training School, Japan.


2. High-level Training of Traditional Chinese Medicine

This program is designed for international doctors who have educational background of Chinese medicine, rich experience in clinical practice and expectation of enhancing their professional knowledge and skills. This program includes theoretical courses of Chinese medical classics, keynote speeches, clinical teaching of famous experts and the like. For example, there are advanced training class themed as Preventing and Treating Tumor by Integrated Medicine for Italian Doctor Association, training class for doctors from Accademia Multidisciplineare di Medicina Empirica, Switzerland, advanced training class for postgraduatesfrom Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, U.S.A. and advanced training class for postgraduates from Cologne College of Chinese Medicine, Germany.


3. Study Tour Program (including Culture Experience)

The program is designed for international students who are interested in experiencing Chinese culture and medicine, such as culture experience winter camp and summer camp. The program includes theoretical courses of Chinese culture and medicine, experience and observation of appropriate techniques of Chinese medicine, and visit of Chinese herbal plantation. For example, there are student group for investigating Chinese medicine from Southern Medical University, visit group for experiencing Chinese medicine from University of Leuven, Belgium, study tour group from Leiden University, Netherlands.


4. Health Preservation Training

The program is designed for international people who are engaged in medicine, physiotherapy, health care, etc. This program mainly includes Practical courses of tai chi and qigong, theoretical courses of Chinese medicine health preservation, Tuina (pediatric Tuina included) and Chinese medicine cosmetology, as well as clinical teaching in the related specialties. For example, there are advanced group from Living Tao Foundation (USA/Switzerland), pediatric Tuina training class from Ferrero Group, and advanced group of Chinese medicine cosmetology from Traditional Chinese Medical Institute, Malaysia.


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