Hangzhou located along Southeast coast of Chinais the capital of Zhejiang Province and works as the center of politics, economy, science, education, and culture of the province. Hangzhou is a key national tourism city, historical city and vice provincial level city as confirmed by the State Council. Hangzhou is renowned as “Paradise on Earth”, “Cultural State”, “Home of Silk”, “Tea Capital”, “Town of Fish and Rice”.

Paradise The widely expressed Chinese proverb, “in heaven there is paradise and on earth there are Hangzhou and Suzhou” have helped to make Hangzhou one of the biggest tourist attractions in the entire country. With its inviting views and outstanding scenery, Hangzhou became popular with numerous artists, poets and painters seeking inspiration in this “paradise.”

A Walk in Longjing Tea Plantation

Inquiring about Tea at Dragon Well (Longjing) is one of the New Top 10 Scenes of West Lake. In Longjing Village, you can see 18 tea trees planted by Emperor Qianlong (1711-1799) and enjoy the best Longjing Tea in China. If you want to stay in a farmer’s house while bathing in refreshing springtime sunshine and sipping a cup of authentic Longjing tea, the unassuming Meijiawu Village will refresh you with its picturesque scenery and laid back atmosphere.

Summer in Hangzhou can be unbearably hot especially during each August. Many locals will flock to nearby hills, caves and rivers to escape summer heat. If you prefer to spend the whole summer staying in air-conditioned indoors, then you will miss a lot of the fun and beauty this city can offer.

Cool Yourself by Enjoying Lotus Flowers

Hangzhou's iconic flower is known as 'Sweet Osmanthus' and it usually bursts into bloom between late September and early October each year. During the recent National Day Holiday, large numbers of citizens and tourists in Hangzhou went sightseeing in scenic areas where they had the chance to enjoy the scent of the flower in and around the city. Here is a selection of sites for Sweet Osmanthus viewing in Hangzhou.


Walk into painting-like snow scenery along Broken Bridge