All-English Teaching Meeting and Clinical Teachers Training

In order to better carry out the all-English teaching management work, International Education College held English teaching exchange meeting and clinical teacher training session in the conference room of the fourth clinical medical college on July 4. The director of international exchange and cooperation department, the related officials of International Education College, the representative teacher of the all-English class-Shan Letian, and the teaching assistant of undergraduate students were attended in the meeting.


 At the meeting, the person in charge of the international exchange and cooperation department, Jiang Jianfeng, made a basic introduction of the principles and announcements in foreign affairs communication. Then, the deputy dean of International Education College, Wang Ying, introduced the basic situation of undergraduate teaching in clinical medicine. From her own experiences, She summarized the characteristics of all-english teaching as "terse and forceful, practice makes perfect”, she also explained the basic requirements of all-English teaching teachers. Subsequently, teacher Shan shared his all-English teaching experiences for the undergraduate students in the past two years, and he especially pointed out the difference of international students and Chinese students in the previous lesson preparation, teaching design and class interaction. In the end, everyone learnt more from the teaching assisdant-SHEMI that the inadaption of the language and the teaching method in the very beginning can gradually be improved with the help of the teaching assisdant, in fact, most teachers can easily deal with it after two sessions of teaching.


With the promotion of International Education College, since 2015, more than 40 medical and general courses have been taught in all-English. It is believed that with the full cooperation and strong support from the fourth clinical medical college, the international road of medicine education of our university will be broader.


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