IEC Commencement & Degree Awarding Ceremony, 2017

International Education College Commencement & Degree Awarding Ceremony, 2017 was held at Library Report Hall on 19,June. Guo Qing, the vice president of ZCMU, announced the decision of granting the degrees and expressed his congratulations to all the graduates.

Excellent graduates, PESCIA DAMIANOMEATH PATRICK JOHN, representing 2017 bachelor degree and master degree graduates, delivered wonderful speeches at the ceremony. PESCIA DAMIANO shared his experience in ZCMU studying Chinese medicine, from knowing nothing to falling love with it. In the meanwhile, MEATH PATRICK JOHN showed his zeal of studying Chinese medicine. He said, "Medicine can be just a career. But it can also be a life calling. For those of you who hear the call, I wish you the courage and endurance to climb and keep climbing until the day you die. You will leave the world better for your effort."

At last, Dean Wang gave a speech for all the 2017 graduates in which she expressed her best wishes to the graduates.


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