IEC“Amazing Dormitory” Competition

On April 13, 2017, the first competition of Amazing Dormitory of IEC has been finished. This competition lasted for one week. According to WeChat voting and grades on the spot, finally there are nine dormitories emerging from 34 participating dormitories, which have been awarded with the first, second and third prize and the best popularity award.

The competition holds the theme of " Decorating dormitory to live a better life", aims to build up warm and sweet dormitory environment, improve the quality of campus living and to show individual feature. Those clean and tidy international students’ dormitories, with creative decorations and their own characteristics, have made a good impression to us. International students also have showed good spirit and attitude to life through the competition. We believe that this competition will accelerate the international students’ passion to blend in the campus life and develop harmonious and healthy environment.

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