Series Lectures of Face Diagnosis Held by IEC

IEC specially invited our alumnus, Dr. Gerd Wiesemann to hold a series of lectures from April 4th to 18th about Face Diagnostics for the undergraduates in our school. He is the headmaster of German Traditional Medicine University Cologne.

Doctor Wiesemann has almost 30 years education experience of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He has been studying classic works such as Huang Di Nei Jing over the years and has his own understandings for many topics in the book.

The series of lectures about “Face diagnosis”   have received favorable comments. Doctor Wiesemann combined Yin Yang, the five elements, spirit, Qi, blood, the viscera and meridians into face diagnosis, explaining the essence of face diagnosis from different layers, different aspects and different angles.

Over the past years, IEC has invited many foreign teachers to our school to hold lectures in order to increase the pace of internationalization of medical education.


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