The DREAMS 2016 IEC Annual Gala

In the evening of Dec.8, 2016, there is a big night for the International Education College, The DREAMS 2016 IEC Annual Gala.

"If you're walking down the right path and you're willing to keep walking, eventually you'll make progress."quoted from the Dean's speech. By delivering a warm and enthusiastic speech, the dean of IEC, Ella Wang expressed her three years of  experience, ups and downs while standing with international students. She showed her passion and determination towards the success in all those hard years and she made a promise to work together to take IEC on the peak of success with bright future of all international students.

Then, the Annual Gala officially begins. There are various shows in the Gala, including songs, dances, drama, modeling shows and raffles. In this gala, there is an awarding ceremony, to appreciate some people who made great contribution to IEC during year 2016, like “the best voice”, “the IEC Lawrence sports”, “the excellent translators”, “the best volunteers”.  

International Education College attaches great importance to the campus culture construction, and pays lots of attention to inspire students to join in the various kinds of positive activities.




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