How do Europeans Survive in China?

One Polish lawyer, one Czech student of midwifery and three Czech students of physiotherapy came to Hangzhou to study TCM.

All of them had TCM, Chinese language, taiji, mental health and communication and Chinese culture class. They shared some classes with students of clinical medicine, and also a small group of TCM students.They saw and tried moxibustion and accunpucture for themselves.  They were at a trip to hills around longjing village to see lots of herbs which are useful in TCM.  They took part in various university events such as sports meeting and IEC annual gala.There are so many amazing places in Hangzhou, in which they visited the West lake, popular pagodas, Lingyin temple, Longjing village etc.“Before our semester in China we were afraid we would be sick with eating rice every single day, but now we can not imagine our day without rice.”They say.

Those five international students are the exchange students studying in International Eucation College of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University.


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