The 2016 Opening Ceremony of IEC

International Education College held a grand opening ceremony for 2016 students on Oct 20th, 2016. All the freshmen, exchange students, senior students’ representatives as well as all the staff in IEC were present.

Firstly, the deputy dean of college Wang Ying expressed a warm welcome to all the freshmen in the opening ceremony. Subsequently, deputy dean Wang introduced the history of Hangzhou, the general situation of the school, characteristics of major and traditional Chinese culture briefly. What's more, deputy dean Wang reminded the new students that they should obey our school discipline and change their roles in order to adapt the new life as soon as possible.

Following that, two seniors made passionate statements about their living and learning experience in ZCMU which were given a round of applause. Eventually, the freshmen also expressed their wishes and determinations of being excellent doctors in future.

International Education College started those work of meeting new students in September and also arranged a series of orientation education which included visiting traditional Chinese medicine museum, preaching the curriculum system and regulations and so on. In order to strengthen the awareness of fire safety, our college together with security apartment invited fire official Zhang Yili to train international students for fire safety.


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