Accomplishment of First Batch of Interns from UTAR

Recently, International Education College held a closing ceremony for the first five interns from Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), congratulating on their accomplishment of scheduled internship.

Since last July, these five interns from UTAR) have been doing their internship in the First Affiliated Hospital of our university, where their outstanding performance has won high praise. Students delivered a speech, expressing their gratitude to the school and the First Affiliated Clinical Medical College at the ceremony. During almost one year internship, not only did they learn clinical professional skills, but also met many good teachers and friends.

The cooperation of internship program between UTAR and ZCMU will further close the mutual communication with friendship. Moreover, the second batch of interns from UTAR will arrive at our school in June and start a new round of practice, while some students from the first batch interns will continue their study for postgraduate's degree in our school.


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