ZCMU’s Attendance in the 6th International Education Fair

The 6th International Education Fair, which is held at Expo Georgia by the cooperation of Commerce Department and Education Department of Zhejiang Province , runs from February 18-19, and brings together 30 Zhejiang higher education institutions. The representative from International Education College of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University (ZCMU) also takes part in this grand International Education Fair in Georgia.

The government officials from both sides are present on the opening of this International Education Fair, including the commercial counselor from Chinese Embassy in Georgia, Liu Bo, the deputy minister of Education in Georgia, Tamaz Marsagishvili, the vice mayor of Tbilisi, Irakli Lekvinadze, the deputy director of Zhejiang Commerce Department, Hu Wei Kang, and the deputy director of Foreign Affairs division of Zhejiang Education Department, Lan Jing Jing.

Incomplete statistics in 2 days’ expo show that 30 Zhejiang higher education institutions have received consultations from more than 3500 students, 400 of which have expressed their interests in  studying in China. ZCMU’s attendance at the Education fair is greatly helpful to expand our influence in Georgia, which is considered as a very important country along the Belt and Road.




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