Tips on Dengue Fever Prevention

Recently, Hangzhou has reported dengue fever cases successively. Here are some tips for international students.

Dengue is a potentially fatal mosquito-borne disease mainly found in tropical and subtropical regions. Symptoms include fever and nausea as well as muscle and joint aches. If any symptom above appears on you, please report to IEC and go to hospital immediately.

The best way to prevent Dengue is environmental clean-up and mosquito control

Reduce mosquito habitat. The mosquitoes that carry the dengue virus typically live in and around houses, breeding in standing water that can collect in such things as used automobile tires. You can help lower mosquito populations by eliminating habitats where they lay their eggs. Empty and clean containers that hold standing water, such as planting containers, animal dishes and flower vases. Wash your dishes and pots as soon after eating. Keep your room clean and tidy.

Stay in air-conditioned or being less going out. The mosquitoes that carry the dengue viruses are most active from dawn to dusk. Try to prevent from those tree shades and grasses.

Wear protective clothing and use mosquito repellent. When you go into mosquito-infested areas, wear a long-sleeved shirt, long pants, socks and shoes. For your skin, use a repellent containing at least a 10 percent concentration of DEET.

There will be regular mosquito eradication for every room. Please be cooperated.


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