2016 Scholarship Application Notice

 To all international students

The application for 2016 scholarship including Zhejiang Provincial Government Scholarship and Zhejiang Chinese Medical University Scholarship is on process.

Those who are qualified to apply the scholarship may hand in the application documents according to this notice.

Please note those who fail to be recommended for government scholarship will be regarded as university scholarship candidates.


1. Type of scholarship

Zhejiang Provincial Government scholarship

Type A for postgraduate program student: 30000RMB

Type B for bachelor program student: 20000RMB

Type C for long term non-degree program student: 6000RMB


Zhejiang Chinese Medical University Scholarship

Postgraduate program student: 20000RMB

Bachelor program student: 10000RMB


2. Eligibility

a)        current international student

b)        well-behaved, no disciplinary offence in the whole academic year

c)        be excellent in study, no fail subjects

d)       be active in school activities

e)        non-parallel-awarding of any other scholarships

f)         Applicants for government scholarship must get yearly average mark no less than 80. Applicants for university scholarship must get yearly average mark no less than 75.


3. Application materials:

a)        application form(attachment 1 & 2)

b)        transcript of 2015 academic year

c)        Self-assessment, including language study, major courses study and extracurricular activities.

d)       passport copy

e)        Postgraduate applicants shall provide 2 recommendation letters from 2 professors.


Applicants must provide the materials truly and correctly. Applicants majoring in Clinical Medicine hand in documents to class tutor. Other students hand in documents to Student affairs office directly.


Deadline for application: 11:00amSeptember 22. Late applications will not be accepted.


Approval and Notification

1.        International Education College (IEC) will hold a meeting and vote for recommended list.

2.        The recommendation result will be announced on the IEC website for 5 days, then to be approved by the authority.

3.        Scholarship winners shall register and pay the fees according to regulations, and they are not allowed to suspend or quit school during the year. Otherwise he/she will be regarded as giving up the scholarship.

4.        Scholarship will be revoked due to disciplinary offence.

5.        IEC reserved the right of final explanation of scholarship assessment.


1.Zhejiang Provincial Government Scholarship.doc

2.University Scholarship for International Students.doc

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